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How dry are your flooring products?
When the rough stock comes out of the dry kiln, to be run to flooring pattern, it is at 6% moisture content. This is done through the process of planning the stock ahead of time and storing in our yard.  The wood takes on ambient moisture, which at different times and the seasons, can be as high as 10%. This is why, whenever you purchase natural wood flooring from any mill or building yard, the flooring should be stored and stripped preferably in the same room it is intended, plus at room temperature, to acclimatize to your home.

How long is this storage period?
For our flooring products we recommend 2 weeks to acclimatize to your home. An excellent tip: If you have a moisture meter you can measure the moisture in the subfloor and check it against your flooring.  If the readings match, you can get started on the installation.

What lengths does your flooring come in?
At Rouck Bros, all “select” and “clear” grades of flooring are pulled in lengths of 2’-12’, packaged in bundles of 6 pieces. All “cabin grade” flooring is pulled in 12”-12’ lengths.

What is the best floor finish?
There are many great floor finishes available, with a wide range of color tints, if you wish to accent the natural beauty of the wood. We currently suggest Flecto Varathane Diamond Wood Finish. For high traffic use, we recommend Miralite Gym floor finish.


What size of nails do I need to install cedar paneling?
For interior walls, a 1¼” finishing nail or an 18 gauge air nailer. For exterior walls we use a 1½” 16 gauge galvanized or stainless nail, so there is no “bleeding” from the nail into the exterior stain.

Wood Sources

What species of wood do you sell?
At Rouck Bros, we are known for how we specialize in 2nd growth cedar for siding, paneling and timbers. With the demand we also manufacture and stock a wide variety of products using Douglas Fir, Interior Hemlock, Engleman Spruce, Lodgepole Pine. When we have access to the logs, we’ll manufacture a very high quality white pine paneling.

Where do you get your wood from?
The majority of our wood is local from the healthy forests of the North Okanagan. It is sustainably harvested by small private land owners wishing to clear a small section of land for pasture or a building site. We also purchase raw logs from the local high school forestry program and local community forest programs. Another portion of our wood supply comes from a family run wood lot, located near our site.

What wood species do you use for your machined log cottages & homes?
Since 1980 we have used Cedar and Pine. We find both wood types are easy to work with and most importantly have great thermal insulating qualities.

Placing an Order

How long does it take for me to receive my log home package, once I order it?
From the time of receiving a customer’s deposit, it take between 6-8 weeks for the sawing, drying, and machining process to take place. The drying of the logs is the longest step in the process.

What is required for me to get a quick quote on a cottage or home?
All it takes is a drawing from you, showing the wall lengths & height and corners. Also required is a list of your windows and door sizes and how many. From this we can give you a quote for the exterior, plus any interior log walls, along with log sealant and screw costs.

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Contact us with your inquires. 250-547-6619 or 1-800-960-3388